The Europeans 2020 will take place on one of the best arenas in Europe. it got underground irrigation, which allow us to control the hardness of the surface no matter how the weather will turn out. At the same time it has an excellent drain system, which ensure that the arena won't turn heavy or slippery. The arena is 125 x 81 meter, which means we will run on 7 lanes. 

Saturday and Sunday the arena will be open for practice. Sunday evening the opening night will take place and Monday the competitions will start. 

Near the arena you will find toilets, showers, resting facilities and our cafe, which will provide you with homemade food from dusk till dawn. Every morning you can buy fresh made breakfast with eggs and bacon and freshbaked buns. During the day we are ready to provide you with delicious dishes from the kitchen and grill. 

At night you will be able to watch some of the European Championship football matches on a widescreen, the bar will be open and you can enjoy the match with friends and family. 

At the campground you will find toilettes. It is not allowed to open fire at the campsite, that means no barbecue or bonfires. Gas barbecue is accepted. Due to some very strict fire restrictions it is IMPORTANT that you park inside the marks at the campground. We will make the area wide enough so you can have your pavilion, marquees or similar next to your lorry or caravan.


Each country will be provided the registred number of spaces for lorries and caravans and be places together. Tents will be in smaller clusters between the lorries. 

Please follow our instructions at arrival, in that way you avoid to be replaces later on. 

The Chief of Fire department will visit during the week, and therefor its really important you follow our instructions as they are in their right to shut us down, if we do not follow the fire restrictions.



Gameslists for individuals and Team

Timeschedule for individuals and team


Below you will find the teams and individuals that will enter Europeans 2020

Team entries and entries for Chairmans Cup will be announced after the 15th of March 2020. 

Open individual riders needs to pay the full entry fee no later than the 15th of March to keep the space. If a country has paid for the space, the country shall do the payment. If a rider is selected for their national team they can get a full refund until the 1st of May 2020.


Davy Quinn

Dieter Birreck

Jerome O'Connor

Alun Whitney